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PIMAT distinguishes itself through its well-known teaching traditions. Rather experienced instructors and mastering environments make us distinct.

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Why Choose Us?

PIMAT welcomes young people of Pakistan who need to study and create a positive effect on their country. PIMAT gives a positive mastering environment with fairly certified faculty.

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Professional Teachers, Digital and Air-Conditioned Classrooms, Well Equipped Computer Labs, Broadband Wi-Fi, Separate Prayer Area, Cafeteria, on Campus Parking.

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Welcome to PIMAT

PIMAT-Professional Institute

Education is the basic right of everyone and given proficiently in most parts of the world. Education is no more limited to learn, become wealthy and it we also went beyond the limits of affordability. Modern education becomes an organized framework which likewise supports to ones who need.

Formal education is classroom based and is a popular educational method. Institutes play an important role in the lives of individual land societies. The thing which makes an institute different from another is Philosophy. Furthermore, institutional Goals, Methodology and Ethos are its key Indicators.

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Our Class as a Family

When children join a new class, they may be nervous and unsure about what to expect. Families want to know if they will

Athletics Olympiad

The 15th Athletics Olympiad

The athletes of Elis maintained an unbroken string of victories until the. 14th Olympiad at which time the second race