Assalamu'alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Greetings and Salutations

Welcome to Professional Institute of Management and Technology (PIMAT), an organization that is all about with transforming thoughts and dreams into experiences under the mentorship of Professional personnel. We are living in a developing country and the period of innovation. The eventual fate of developing country is profoundly connected to which degree the Knowledge changes into Valuable Human Capital and Economic Development.

Our ambition is to cultivate creativity in Youth with the intention of achieving the vital objective of PEACE and PROSPERITY. For the reason, we are providing complete theoretical and practical understanding.

Since, its foundation in 2009, Professional Institute of Management and Technology (PIMAT) has tried to maintain high moral guidelines, create opportunities that provide value to our participants. The values we share are alive in what goes on at PIMAT. Professionals are example of our ideology.

We continue focus on

  • Philosophy: To transform attitudes, thoughts and behavior by going beyond simple knowledge with the purpose of HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT.
  • Readiness: Willing to learn and change for the cause.
  • Ownership: we Promote the mentality of ownership……..Value the VALUES ……… if no one is watching.
  • Focus: Concentrate to win the objectives on schedule and without fail.
  • Empathy: Fortify high dedication and help to understand others point of view.
  • Standard: Keep high standard of services and set of values.
  • Success: Success of stakeholders is a success of PIMAT.
  • Integrity : Practice strong moral and ethical action to lead with integrity.
  • Optimism: Prepared for new opportunities and learn from experiences.
  • Nurturing: Support uplifting the partners from where they are.
  • Accountability: Value self-introspection and take ownership of our actions.
  • Leadership: Lead to increase the capacity of stakeholder in an inspirational way.
  • Satisfaction: Aim at the Pleasure of Allah by winning the trust of associates and leading them towards the ultimate goal of PROSPERITY in this world and hereafter.